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Firefly, a white-tailed deer, came to Bob and Judy in 1998. The fawn’s underdeveloped upper face made it where she couldn’t even close her mouth over her protruding lower incisors, which made it hard for her to graze. Her ribs and backbone showed through her spotted skin and her hair was dry and brittle.

Initially Judy thought about euthanizing her because she feared with this severe underbite that Firefly wouldn’t be able to bite off enough foliage for the correct amount of nourishment. Judy decided to give this fawn a shot at life and she began by starting her on a milk formula. After three days on a fresh goat milk formula Firefly began showing symptoms of lactose intolerance. Judy began putting cell salt tablets in her milk and soon after she stopped having lactose issues and began digesting her food properly and started to develop stronger bones.

Firefly quickly became Judy’s friend, coming to her when she was called, would eat grain from the palm of her hand almost like a family pet. And soon Judy realized she had hardly any underbite and her upper jaw was almost normal in length. Her upper facial bones basically had grown nearly to normal size. According to veterinarians and experts an animal could not recover from being born with an underbite unless surgery was performed. 

The Cell Salt supplement is an electrolyte that stimulates the cells that need to actively transport calcium from the blood stream across cell membranes. Firefly’s cells were able to uptake the calcium, manganese, magnesium, potassium, iron, copper, zinc, nickel, selenium, and other minerals that needed them thus making her upper facial bones to grow to normal.

Firefly greatly contributed to Judy’s intense interest in facial malformations on vertebrate species.

A friend of Judy’s, Dr. Douglas Seba showed photos of Firefly’s recovery at the 1999 International Symposium on Man and His Environment. The doctors and veterinarians were extremely stunned and highly interested in her recovery from this serious birth defect. 

A Veterinary pathologist Dr. William Croft was very interested in Firefly’s photographs and in 1999 he stayed with the Hoys so he could examine any animals she had. While there he witnessed other deer with underbites, reproductive malformations, and lung issues. Dr. Croft wrote a report on his examinations and observations. He agreed that it appeared that these animals seemed to be exposed to some chemical but several toxins could be the culprit. There still haven’t been any tests or investigations to determine what is causing the mineral deficiencies, fetal thyroid hormone disruption, and the birth defects. Airborne toxins seriously affect the health of our grazing animals .

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Blondie was a coyote pup that visited Judy briefly.  Her legs were bowed out sideways and when Judy described to the Vet what her symptoms were they 

said she had rickets and perscribed Calcium.  In Changing Faces you can read the miracoulous story of her discovery how cell salts managed to help stimulate the uptake 

of the calcium to help Blondie recover in a matter of days.  This led to Judy discovery that she could also help herself as well.  Judy was experiencing severe joint pain 

so she decided to treat herself much like she did Blondie.  

"What I learned by helping Blondie recover from her joint problem may have saved my life.  Being completely pain free has definitely made life much more pleasant," Hoy in Changing Faces.

"It was not fair for Blondie to have such a sad fate.  I would think that in such a big place as western Montana, there would have been room for my one small coyote friend.  Unfortunately, there are just too many people."

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